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FG has created a collection of mens slippers shoes that has a touch of elegance; Inspired an upgrade from the albert slippers. With its smooth, form-fitting shape, linen-print lining and diamond-patterned insole, this shoe is more than just a mere accessory for the feet - it's a fusion of style, form and function.FG Shoes is a handmade wholesale manufacturer in Bangladesh supplying the best quality products to exclusive shoe shops,Retailers,Online shops,Catalog Customer and to stockies.FG Shoes specialise in top quality leatherwear and shoes.FG Shoes business philosophy is equally simple: provide every client exceptional, individualized service. Mindful of classics fashion currents, FG Shoes help every customer examine and interpret his individual style.Superior craftsmanship is our main passion; superior service is our obligation to you.

FG Loafers new design 2014
Ladyluck-impex-loafers1 Ladyluck impex loafers 2 ladyluck-impex-loafer3
adyluck-impex-loafers4 adyluck-impex-loafers5 adyluck-impex-loafers6

FG Shoes already exporting to many countries and still interested in expanding trade especially to the RUSSIA , EU and USA.

We believe that when West European industries want to outsource production capacity,the main criterion for choosing a supplier is
-To have a traceable quality management system in place
-To demonstrate reliability through a track record with long standing customer relationships
-To have compatible production and administrative processes and a low total cost of ownership
-To have a competitive price-performance ratio
-Competitor assessment ,Our perceived position regarding our competitors is We know the countries with which we have to compete, but realize we do not know everything
-We know our main domestic and international competitors as well as their strengths and weaknesses.
-We are not worried about the competition. So this is the all about FG Shoes plan to go for arrangement with those companies who has certain plan for importing shoes from Bangladesh and to tie up their relation make something extra ordinary in handmade retail shoe business directly from abroad to South Asia.

Custom Design Loafers

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