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  • Official Country Name: The Peoples Republic of Bangladesh :

    Back Ground: Originally part of India during the British Empire, until 1947. Bangladesh came into existence in 1971 when Bengali east Pakistan seceded from its union with west Pakistan.To increase economic development it is changing its population in to a more skilled workforce. A large number of Bangladeshi work around the globe and earn revenue for the country. Many industries are emerging every day people as it's labor costs are lower compared to many other countries. it is now known as one of the Emerging tiger of Asia.

    Location: South Asia bordering India and Myanmar (Burma) to the east and other parts of India to the north and west with the bay of bangle (Indian Ocean) to south.
    Time zone: GMT +06:00 hours.

    Area: 147.570 sq km.

    Capital: Dhaka.
    largest cities: Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna.

    Natural Resources: Arable Land, Coal, Natural Gas, Timber.

    Major Ports: Chittagong and Mongla (Khulna).

    147.3 million (july 2015 est.)

    Languages: 95% of the population speaks Bangla, the official language and the remaining 5% speaks other dialects. English is widely spoken in the country.

    Religion: Muslim 88.3%, Hindu10.5%, Buddhism 0.6% christan 0.3%, Animist and believers in tribal faiths 0.3%

    Office Working Hours: Sunday to Thursday :9:00 am - 5:30 pm. Friday and Saturday off.

    Labour Force: 81.6 million -59% of total population (2015 est).

    Unemployment Rate: 1.5% (2015 est).

    Gross Domestic Product (GDP): Purchasing Power Parity - US $ 630.9 billion (2015 est) with real Growth rate at 18.67% per capital - US $2850.

    Export Amount: US $ 15.1276 Billion (2015 est).

    Export Commodities: Chemical, Fertilizer, Frozen Food and seafood, jute products.Leather, Readymade Garments, tea.

    Major Export Partners: US 22.4%, Germany 14.5%, UK 11.2%, France 6.9%, Itally 4% (2015).

    Import Amount: US $ 18.87 billion (est 2015)

    Import Commodities: Cement, Chemicals, Crude Oil, and Petroliam Products, Food, Iron, and Steel, Machinery and Equipment, Raw Cotton, Textile.

    Major Import Partner: India 22.1%, China 16.5%, Singapore 7.5%, Kuwait 5.5%, Japan 8.3%, Hong kong 4.5% (2015).

    Currency: Bangladesh Taka - BDT. USD:BDT=77.38 (May 2013) , GBP:BDT=117.48:1 (May 2015).


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