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Objectives And Plan for Micam 2012 : :

FG Shoes can anticipate the buying behaviour in Trade fair because ,
-We understand it through the use of TV and international magazines
-We consider it in line with our routine experience in the domestic market
-We plan to keep updated on the trends by making regular visits to the markets
-We conduct systematic research through Internet and relevant European trade publications.

-We believe that when West European industries want to outsource production capacity, the main criterion for choosing a supplier is
-To have a traceable quality management system in place
-To demonstrate reliability through a track record with long standing customer relationships
-To have compatible production and administrative processes and a low total cost of ownership
-To have a competitive price-performance ratio

-Our objectives for internationalisation are
-To develop a strong position in a niche market
-To develop a few long term partnerships
-To make higher profit than in the local market
-To reduce our dependence on the volatile economy of the home market

Micam trade event
micam trade event micam fair
Our export planning is   
   -Carried out on an ad hoc basis   
   -Based on a competitive analysis   
   -Based on a competitive analysis and translated into an operational Marketing Activities Plan (MAP)   
   -Based on a competitive analysis, translated into a MAP, implemented and monitored, including budget control   
   -Our product development is Initiated by the designing department   
   -Limited since we have a traditional well recognized product (line)   
   -Based on buyer specifications   
   -Based on purchasing trends and customer satisfaction assessment
However We have documented proof that we are in the process of meeting the minimum standards and/or obtaining appropriate certification

Competitor assessment By: FG Shoes

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