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  • Forced Labor :

    No forced labor is accepted. “Forced Labor” is defined as prison labor, slavery, any person compelled to violence, intimidation or forced to work under penalty for non-performance

    Disciplinary Measures: :
    No Employee shall be exposed to verbal-, psychological-, physical- sexual abuse or harassment.

    Non-Discrimination : :
    Vendors shall base the employment of the workers solely on their skills, irrelevant of race, caste, skin color, gender, religious belief, political opinion, physical disability, ethnic-, national- or social back ground, nationality or sexual orientation.

    Working Hours : :
    The maximum number of weekly hours permitted by national law shall not be exceeded. At all times, the regular weekly working hours can never exceed 48 hours or 60 hours including overtime. Employees cannot be forced to work overtime.

    Wages : :
    Workers have the right to associate, organize and bargain collectively in a legal and peaceful manner.

    Freedom of Association : :
    All employees must receive wages which are equal to- or exceed the minimum wages defined by law. Any overtime must be compensated according to national regulations.

    Health & Safety : :
    Vendors shall maintain a clean, safe and healthy working environment in compliance with local laws and regulations. All workers must have proper access to fire escapes.

    Bribery & Corruption : :
    The vendor agrees not to enter into any kind of bribery or corruption with any individual representing FG Shoes or any of its Principals. Where gifts are presented in adherence to a country’s individual customs or etiquette, it shall be ensured that such gifts do not lead to obligatory dependencies.

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